10 facts for which we are grateful 2016

1.We celebrated 10 years!
   We want to start this list with a special event for us. Exactly 10 years ago, spoke at the opening celebration the director and owner of the company Andrii Vyshnevskyi, with a small subdivision project started construction of a new story. And today in the asset of “Comfortbud Design Institute” are many successful projects, vast experience and excellent reputation.



2.In 2016 the range of our customers expanded by 18 new companies. 35 new projects across Ukraine were implemented in life

Residential Complex Panska Vertycal in Lviv region


Residential Complex in Rivne


Shopping center in Residential Complex Semytsvit in Lviv


 Clinic in. Ivano- Frankivsk


Residential Comlex in Kyiv


3.Our Kyiv office is dynamically evolving.
   Representatives in Kyiv are developing day by day and reach new results, active introduction to the implementation of a new projects in Kiev and central regions of Ukraine. This year our team has increased threefold. We are joined by skilled architects and design engineers, and we continue to search for further ambitious and talented professionals.


  4. President of Ukraine opened new German factory Bader designed by our company

   On November 3 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko took part in the grand opening of the second factory in western Ukraine LLC “Bader Ukraine.”

   Director of  LLC “Bader Ukraine” Andrii Pavlun and director of “Bader GmbH & Co” Draylish Bent briefed the Head of Ukraine with manufacturing facilities of the factory and demonstrated raw materials sector, department of cutting skin leather, preparations sector and line of sewing leather products.


85.”Comfortbud Design Institute” at the international competition Baumit Life Challenge 2016 in Madrid

   We are pleased to announce that this year our project of semi-detached houses on Barvinsky Str. in. Lviv (https://comfortbud.ua/ukrayinska-zblokovani-individualn/) was nominated in the international competition BAUMIT, held on 2 June in Madrid. Summarizing of the results was held in the magnificent Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid City Hall. Among the 36 finalists from 22 countries the  jury consisting of twelve international experts chose the winners in six categories and the overall winner Baumit Life Challenge.
   Life Challenge Award received Slovakia, namely the project KINDERGARTEN LIMBACH.





 6. Nomination “Best project company of the year”

   In 2016 the organizers of the annual Forum and Award in real estate URE Club and EuropaProperty.com announced 4-nominees included in the shortlist prize “Best Project Company of the Year.” Among them – «Comfortbud Design Institute” that was a pleasant surprise for our team. Other nominees were such companies as “Archimatika”, Creative Architectural Workshop “A. Pashenko”and” Urban Experts + Leslie Jones”.

    Overall, the event brought together about 300 participants, who welcomed within its walls the hotel Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. Among the invited guests and speakers were present development, investment, construction companies, architectural firms, law firms and many other talented businessmen from all over Ukraine.



7. An autumn forum “Real Estate. Development. Retail”

    This year the event was held in the premises of the Victoria Gardens shopping center in Lviv, which at that time was located in the stage of completion. It had been a challenge for the organizers of the forum, and intrigue to its visitors. The forum brought together representatives of the most successful construction companies, design companies, developers, retailers in Western Ukraine and Kyiv guests.


    Andrii Vyshnevskyi (the owner and director of the Comfortbud Design Institute) shared his observations regarding market design of residential facilities. And also noted that compared to previous years, “culture” of developers grows, an increasing emphasis on the environment, the architectural look of future facilities as well as comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.
Forum has become a great place to continue the celebration of the 10th anniversary of our company in a warm professional circle.




8.This year, about two dozen objects designed by us are under construction, and we propose to mention some of them:
For our project started the construction of an apartment building in Lviv.


Soon will be completed the construction of a residential complex “Park Tower” in Lviv.


In the process of building is the construction of a bulk sugar storage of silo type in the Khmelnitsky region.



Works for the construction of hotel and restaurant complex in Lviv region.


For our project is the construction of the cottage court “Smetana” in Lviv region – https://comfortbud.ua/ukrayinska-kotedzhnij-dvir-smetana-v/


An apartment house in Ukraine is on the process of building –


Reconstruction with the completion of the complex of the existing mill buildings into the hotel complex with autonomous boiler house on the Volia street, 30 in the village Aleksandrivka Novograd Volynskiy district of Zhytomyr region – https://comfortbud.ua/ua-protses-budivnitstva-gotelnogo-kompleksu-v-s-oleksandrivka-novograd-volinskogo-r-nu-zhitomirskoyi-obl/


Construction of an apartment building on Dovbusha Street  in Truskavets.



More on the implementation of projects at our customers – https://comfortbud.ua/news/novosti/

 9.The opening of the fitness club «Sport Life» in Lutsk and Chernivtsi – our projects are implemented!

   This year, the official opening of the new fitness club Sport Life Chernivtsi Maidan – the largest fitness club in the city, which provides three swimming pools, a huge gym, fitness studio and sauna lounge. Plus, the club opened the first children’s unique fitness academy. I sincerely hope that children and adult residents of Chernivtsi will be satisfied.

Also at the end of the year was opened Sport Life in Lutsk, which is the 48th in the network of fitness clubs and was another proof that the American model on which institutions are built networks successfully operating also in Ukraine.



 10.BIM-design in project implementation!
   In 2016, our company finally took a course on implementing BIM-technology design objects. This will make our projects more efficient, higher quality and provide much unconditional benefits to our customers.


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