Viewing Platform Project for Share the View Contest

  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Denmark
  • Purpose: Urban Planning

Public initiative innosite became an organizer of the best viewing platform design competition on the island Kristiansholm (Copenhagen). The competition’s title was Share the View and the team from Comfortbud Design Institute went in for the competition.

Christiansholm is an artificial island located in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour. Christiansholm was named by people – “Paper Island” because since 1958 it housed Swedish paper rolls for use in Danish newspaper printing. Now the industrial premises are reconstructed to the creative companies’ offices and in the near future there will appear cafe, restaurant and exhibition center. But everything is on a temporary basis, because starting from 2018 the island is to be developed for new urban purposes. Particularly, in the south-west of the island viewing platform will be build and will allow residents and visitors to enjoy the spectacular views of Copenhagen.

Interactivity is the main goal of our decision. We purposely put such scenario into the design because in such way people can not simply come to sit and enjoy the landscape. We create conditions for everybody to actively interact with each other and set the task-challenge to find the best favorite view. The best variant for such aim is a labyrinth. It unconsciously adjusts people to cooperative work, attention and mutual assistance. Besides that the actual process of the route is an interesting diversion that will help to forget about your daily worries and find the like-minded people.