Trends in real estate market in Lviv and Kyiv

     According to analysts of the real estate market of Ukraine, now is the best time to purchase real estate because the value of residential property fell to the lowest point, and in the future will only rise.
What is the price range of cost per square meter in new buildings in Lviv and Kyiv and what kid of an apartment is better sold?
These and other questions we have put to the experts in real estate, in order to deal with current trends in the housing market in the two largest, in terms of home sales cities of Ukraine.

What, in your opinion, are the main trends in the primary housing market in Lviv and Kyiv?

Untitled-1Irina Kovtun, a specialist in real estate

“The main trend in the market of new buildings the city are no different from nationwide, including:
-in designing observe reduction of residential space and improve public space (halls and adjoining territory);
– Increasing problem of safe living and energy conservation;
– More and more  developers mentions architecture as the art;
– Apart from some point construction, there are entire residential complexes “.

thumbnail (1)Denis Shulga, co-founder of the site Encyclopedia of New Buildings

“Over the past 3 years in the market of primary real estate went up a competition among developers, whose number has increased significantly. To draw attention to the potential buyer began to build more modern buildings with beautiful facades, entrances. Started using ventilation facades on houses and to do good improvement. More houses are built with terraces and roofs exploited. “

Price range cost per square meter in new buildings in Lviv and Kyiv


    “Fluctuations in the pricing are quite significant. You may find developers who declare initial price per square meter of living space – 8900-10 000 UAH / sq. m. This cost is often relevant only of 100% payment. There are other developers who appreciate the value of their square., m. 1300-1600u.o. The first and the second cases are rare occasions. The main competition is in the price range 15000-17000hrn. / Sq., m., most are working in this market segment. It should pay particular attention to the “filling”of square meter, because for the same price you can often get a very high quality home content. “


     “Prices depend on the class home placement under construction area of ​​the apartment and is included in the price. Also at equal components, the price per square meter from developers are not the same – the new developers have put a price less than those already on the market the city for several years. In general, the lowest price per square meter is oriented in a range of 8 500 – 9000 UAH., The most expensive 38,000 – 45,000 UAH. But always this price range varies due to the advent of new buildings). ”
Averages in Kiev for housing classes are:
Economy – 17 000 UAH / sq., M.,
Comfort – 18 200, UAH / sq., M.,
Business – 28 500, UAH / sq., M.,
Elite – 54 700. UAH / sq., M.,

The average price per m2 in the suburbs of Kyiv in new buildings in July 2016 – 11 500 UAH / sq. M., M.

What can be better sell – small budget rooms or full house with two or three rooms?


    “After the fall of the hryvnia there is a trend to increased demand for small apartments (32-40 square meters) due to the low total cost of apartments. The special offer is for such apartments in the homes of economy class. In the houses of high class are popular full apartment. ” What is important for buyers – the prestige and status, location and developed infrastructure or cost?

11Burma Zakharov, CEO of “the right decision”

“Today very often people invest their savings in housing, as low prices make it possible to buy a property not only to life but also to earn under the scheme resale or subsequent delivery of apartments for rent.

Price infrastructure is the most important factors when choosing accommodation.

Unfortunately, not all interested in quickly – not all the same think about the reliability of the developer when the sight of a “good” price. “


     “There is no average consumer! Each buyer has its own value, for which he is willing to pay a price. For investor-buyer important is location, prestige, nuances in planning. Important is price and future profits. For buyers- inhabitants – extremely important is management planning and infrastructure. For buyers rentier – an important is location, in this case the price and planning does not play a special role.

   And one more incomprehensible for developed countries, the category of buyers. I would call them –  buyers a good father. These are people of great value which is the future home of their children. Even if their child currently still a schoolboy. These customers buy housing in a completely new, modern quarters with weak infrastructure. They understand that their children will move to live here for a few years, while the complex will be habitable, infrastructure and transport links improved. His intuitive choice to stop the project with beautiful renderings (visualization, image facade of the building), smiling residents, friendly atmosphere in sales (a kind of projection of happiness and well-being). “


“If the search business class housing + premium – a demanding client, which is important to many factors (location, neighbors, types of windows, underground parking, etc.). But mostly now (after a significant increase in apartment prices in UAH) plays a major role apartment price (I think it is 90%). “

Drive know-how of building companies of modern housing in Lviv, Ukraine


    In the market of new Kyiv was the trend of so-called club housing developers who “caught” and began to develop. In Lviv, this type of project is a residential complex VILLA MAGNOLIA company from your home.





  “… A unique project for Ukraine, and that it will be the legislator” for high fashion “in residential real estate.”
Speaking about the club housing in Ukraine, I mean generally not a club format which provides that a premium, but that is a small house, with a small number of apartments, where all the neighbors know each other. By now, the construction of such housing is actively engaged small developers. It houses economy class, 5-7, max – 9 storey, 40-60 apartments. And the buyer is happy to accept such an offer, buying apartments in these buildings.


   “The most successful know-how, which has already begun to implement in new homes is a smart home system (smart home). With this system you can control all appliances with remote display or using a mobile phone connected to the Internet. The feature is smart home control external space to meet the needs correction lighting control security system or video surveillance, personal care such as watering the garden or cover from the sun (thunderstorms), control the flow of water / gas, etc. Smart home, knows how to heat and remembers all the habits and daily routine tenants. “


– “Good modern landscaping around the house (not just asphalt and tile around), using better building materials, windows, elevators;
– The developers started to build more houses, where facades are different from simple “box”;
– Some developers are generally set house-filter water, solar panels for lighting staircases, emergency generators Home. “

Will house “trump» allow to sell apartments faster?


    “If the question is in the speed of the building process (it can be a car or apartment, land or a ton of citrus) – everything is incredibly simple: the lower the price – the most sold are. But if the developer is not interested in the speed of implementation, but to maximize profits, he is doing everything to sell their product at the best price (not the lowest!) It is a mistake to believe that a better developer is  who quickly sold all the apartments. The best man who clearly drew its financial model of the project, the design is not only counted the cost, and, most importantly, take into account the needs of future residents. I emphasize, does not take into account the interests of BUYER of the square meter (for the buyer the most important selection criterion is the price) but the  future residents. How he would live there? How he would prepare his food? Where he will host the guests? Where his children would play games? Where he would keep his bicycle? That he will see out of the window with a cup of morning coffee? And where will go for a walk with his favorite dog? And, if necessary, can an ambulance park at the entrance without problem?

So, any idea which aims to simplify life or diversify future residents will lead to sales growth, as a significant reorientation of the client on comfort, durability, warmth and functionality. “


    “No trump not rise next to modern, good, good exterior that will allow developers to sell quickly. The first impression is never repeated, it will always be first. Fortunately established design house, the facade of a significant part of successful implementations residential areas. “

Your forecast of developments in the primary real estate market


       “Today, in Ukraine, there are about 170 apartment complexes that actively offer their products. A large number of companies do not have the necessary documents relevant to the activity. High competition forces developers to put attractive to attract customers, which no longer is. Offer more and more, that can not be said for demand today. Because of the low price, initial capital is not enough to finish construction. Many companies will become insolvent. It deceived buyers, trials and a huge amount of lost funds. So that how begins the crisis that befall us soon. “


    “Real estate is very attractive in  Lviv (Lviv is Tourist city, close to the border with Europe). Demand for apartments in new buildings high enough. This leads to an increase in the number of developers – the competition will continue to increase. In the market there will be new developers. There should come a powerful Kyiv developers (not official information, but it is). Already one Kiev company starts the construction of residential complex (also already have on the market are companies from other regions of Ukraine). It’s good for customers (due to competition), price should not rise and quality of construction should grow. A potential buyer we are pretty picky when choosing home. “

   As for Kyiv, apartments in new buildings can fall in price by 5-10%. A slight increase in average prices as possible by improving the stage of readiness objects sold, and due to increasing construction costs – rising energy prices, as well as almost all building materials. This leads to increased costs. Developers partially offset price increases by its own margins, but in terms of increased competition it is not always possible.