What awaits Ukraine in the residential and office real estate market this year?

In this article, we decided to consider the current trends in the real estate market in two popular destinations – residential and office. We chose these areas because the residential real estate market is developing rapidly and developers are constantly striving to attract potential investors to new chips, and the office real estate market is flexibly adapted to the needs and behavior of tenants.

With regard to residential real estate, here, for the most part, trends in the past year will remain relevant with the rise in prices per square meter and even more competition.

Let’s look at few trends in more detail:

Positive and innovative renown for developer or youth

In order to be successful today in a highly competitive market, the developer’s project must be unique, it is necessary to offer the buyer exclusive solutions. Modern housing complexes should have rice, which will distinguish them from other complexes, which will allow the buyer to allocate this project among the numerous competitors. Most often the buyer faces a dilemma – “old”, but a reliable developer or young and creative start-up developers.





This year, developers will attend to the additional services that will be offered to inhabitants of residential complexes. The more diverse and more convenient these services will be provided, the higher the housing class will be assessed.

Functionality and infrastructure

Effective use of square meters for a more comfortable life, flats with well-considered zoning, reducing corridors and anticipating wardrobe rooms. Developers are paying more attention to the quality environment of residential complexes. Buyers expect to receive an infrastructure that will emphasize the housing class and provide additional value to their investments.



1Realizing the existing demand in society and in line with world trends, developers are gradually introducing new technologies in their projects – “smart home” and “smart apartment”, electronic access control systems, air and water cleaning.

Owners of apartments not only receive a higher level of comfort and safety, but they can more rationally use heat energy, lighting and electric appliances, which minimizes the cost of utilities.

By the way, all of the above trends are closely linked with the trends of office real estate, in a slightly different plane.


For example, “Services” – tenants require from the business center a quality service and developed infrastructure. This applies to all building systems meets the highest demands of office workers: a dining or restaurant, a bank, a flower and gift shop, an insurance company, a notary’s office, a residential area, a beauty salon, coffee shops and even sports clubs, etc.


Energy efficiency

“Green” standards are actively implemented in all areas of commercial real estate, and the initiative comes not only from developers – tenants are also interested in a new quality office. It enhances the comfort of working spaces for employees and give tenants confidence in quality architectural and engineering solutions.


Quality coworking

The most numerous category of consumers of coworkings are start-ups and representatives of the IT field. So companies are not interested in looking for an office, perform many legal and bureaucratic procedures. These companies want to immediately start a business in a comfortable workplace. Coworking is a temporary platform for the growth of young companies that will become clients of business centers in the future.


There were the main trends that we see in the residential and office real estate market. In our opinion, two branches have a lot to develop and this year, many new discoveries and interesting projects await us.