Amazon in Los Angeles: famous Internet Service expands horizons for business

Now the Californian City of the Angels will be the Second Amazon headquarter. In late 2017, the company announced that it plans to transfer the manufacturing organization “Amazon Studios” to the well-known historic complex Culver Studios. By the way, the project budget will be $ 620 million and will be completed by march 2021.

Such changes with the square will allow the company to increase the total space of 32,000 m² for the following units: Amazon Studios, IMDb, Amazon Video and World Wide Advertising.

In addition, it is planned to build two additional rooms, which would accommodate about 2 thousand cars. On the territory of the project area there will be several terraced areas, restaurant areas, public facilities for various special events and designed landscape trails, whose function will be to establish links between different branches of the company.

Also, the company was forced to rent a whole office part of the neighboring project Culver Steps, which was built by Hackman Capital Partners, a privately owned company, for the comfort of its team.