Silo construction in the Khmelnitsky region

The construction of a bulk storage of silage type sugar for the Starokostiantynivsukor plant in Starokonstantinov, Khmelnytsky region, is actively under way. The project was created by our specialists.

Over the past six months, builders have done a lot of difficult work. Mounted silo walls and an operating tower, a dome with a roof was assembled and mounted. Silos, with a capacity of 35 thousand tons, cylindrical form, which is formed by reinforced concrete walls. The wall thickness is 320 mm.


A distinctive feature of the construction is that the walls after their erection and overlap are stretched with steel ropes, according to the “Freyssinet” system, which are passed to pre-arranged channels during concreting. After tightening the ropes, the channels are filled with cement mortar.

монтаж купола

For optimal support of the sugar temperature during storage in the walls of the silo, electrical cables for heating are laid.

монтаж галереї

Also, the upper gallery connecting the operating tower and the top point of the dome has already been installed. It is also used to load silage with sugar.

We are monitoring the progress of the construction works and we hope that this year the silo will be put into operation.