Progress of construction of  the «Bader» factory in  Kozhychi village Yavoriv district, Lviv region

In 2016 Specialists of the Comfortbud Design Institute Comfortbud designed a factory №2 of sewing automobiles covers «Bader Ukraine» (draft).

The complex includes two buildings the actual factory №2 and production department.
During the construction of industrial facilities is important to monitor all stages of the work, because it affects primarily the safety of future employees.

A framework for factory is already built, ceiling panel is installed in agricultural slabs, a wall between agriculture and shop is also erected. Building exterior wall are Also finished mounted external engineering networks.

Today, work is underway on the roof, roof windows, put a floor in the shop. Also installing partitions in agriculture, engineering services and mounted poured concrete base under pavement driveways.

At this stage we are goint to begin installation of windows and doors, interior decoration and creation of public welfare area to create favorable conditions for future factory workers.

As for the production department, we have made piles under the foundation, raft is in the process, then the foundation columns and beams.

Completion is scheduled for early September. We observe the process and will introduce you to the construction from now on.