«Comfortbud» Design Institute and construction company «Zelenyi Dvir» are the tandem of new ideas, bold decisions and new housing projects


«Comfortbud» Design Institute for 11 years of work can boast of a huge amount of both industrial and residential projects. Special places among them occupy the objects embodied for the construction company «Zelenyi Dvir», with which «Comfortbud» began to work more than 5 years ago. Over the past 2 years, many bright ideas and interesting residential projects have been born in this collaboration. For example, such as the cottage houses «Smetana», from which the cooperation of IP «Comfortbud» and «Zelenyi Dvir» began.

Комфортбуд-Зелений-двір-Стаття-1The cottage «Smetana» in Birky village, Lviv region

Already at the initial stage of work it was obvious that the project promises to become one of the most original in the real estate market of Lviv region, so the specialists of Comfortbud were ready to embody the idea of ​​the developer.

Комфортбуд-Зелений-двір-Стаття-2«As a result, a project was created with 98 two-story townhouses with its own land plots. Cottage yard, which was able to compete with city apartments, — says Alla Demchuk, director of the construction company Zelenyi Dvir — the main idea of ​​the «Smetana» was the general concept, including the cottages of the radial building offered by the «Comfortbud» Design Institute. Thanks to creative ideas and a thorough approach to the task, our joint work with «Comfortbud» is always realized in interesting and perspective projects».

A successful start convinced the customer of the right choice of the partner — therefore, further cooperation developed dynamically and extremely productively. Its foundation was not only a professional approach from both sides, but also shared values ​​focused on meeting the needs of the end user. In every project of cottage townships or residential buildings, and «Comfortbud», and «Zelenyi Dvir» did their best to make the future residents comfortable.


«It is known that the company «Zelenyi Dvir» shows itself as a developer of «affordable» housing. But this is achieved not by the total cheapening and saving in construction, but above all by a balanced project, — says Vitalii Kozlov, Chief Architect of «Comfortbud», — It is a choice of areas with the most reasonable conditions for construction and reasonable prices. Requirements for the project are to use functional territory for all 100%. And the most rational planning of houses. A striking example of this approach was the Apartment house «Hruska» — built in one of the districts of the city of Vynnyky, Lviv region, which is intensively developing and where the conditions of construction were very concise».


Apartment house «Hruska», city Vynnyky

Despite the limited possibilities for construction, «Comfortbud» and specialists have found the best solution and have created an extremely compact and, at the same time, a functional building with extremely well-planned apartment layouts. The result exceeded all expectations — the demand for Apartment house «Hruska» exceeded the offer twice!

Floor plan of «Grushka», Vinniki city

The ability to harmoniously engage creative innovations in existing realities allows «Comfortbud» to fulfill the special wishes of the customer, and openness to new ideas from the side of the developer only contributes to creative search. So it is not surprising that as a result of such a tandem will everyone win but most of all — the owners of apartments, which receive the best quality at the best price. No wonder the demand for housing from the «Zelenyi Dvir» is growing dynamically. To satisfy it, the company develops and invests in the creation of new residential facilities, and, traditionally, urban planning calculations, project development and design of working documents entrust to the specialists of «Comfortbud».

Комфортбуд-Зелений-двір-Стаття-6«Construction of the cottage «Pashtet» is underway at the entrance to Truskavets, — says Chief Engineer of the project, Khodachnyk Rostyslav. — All 14 cottages boast a convenient layout and individual heating. Another project jointly with the company «Zelenyi Dvir» in Truskavets is a multi-sectional dwelling house. A residential complex «Komilfo» is also under construction in the center of Vynnyky — this house meets all the standards of modern European housing: five floors, modern planning, underground parking, and comfortable infrastructure».





Cottage yard «Pashtet» in Modrychi village, Drohobych district, Lviv region

«By the number of joint projects we can safely conclude that we have found a common language with the Comfortbud Design Institute. Considering our wishes as a construction company and the nuances of the segment in which we work, the specialists of the company are designing future square meters of housing, — shares the impressions about cooperation Director of the company Zeleniy Dvir, Alla Demchuk. — We like the fact that maximum satisfaction of needs Modern people is a priority in their work. Thanks to these principles, our company can always be sure that the housing that we build and sell will be in demand among potential customers».

And in Comfortbud, it is convinced that such cooperation will also help to optimize construction and encourage other developers to take care not only of the benefit of their own investments but also of the architectural value of new projects and their correspondence both to the needs of consumers and to the requirements of time .

«Generally, if architecture is classically evaluated according to three criteria: profit, strength and beauty, then «Zeleniy Dvir» always maintains a balance — that is, 33.3% of the resource is invested in each of these factors without giving preference to something for one thing and without neglecting others, — says the Chief Architect «Comfortbud», Vitalii Kozlov — And this, in our opinion, is a wise and winning strategy».

To embody this strategy «Comfortbud» and «Zeleniy Dvir» continue to plan together. After all, such cooperation is a mutual exchange of experience, an opportunity to change the standards in the housing market in the best way and to put into practice, thought-out, comfortable, high-quality housing, which can safely be called new generation housing.