Major ways to improve the building industry

The specialists of “VIATechnik” company, who work in virtual reality and BIM services are widely publicizing the model for improving the construction industry, including its environmental impact. For instance, lately «Global Construction Perspectives» and «Oxford Economics» have announced that in nearest ten years building industry will be one of the most popular sources of incomes in the world, standing for more than 15.5 trillion dollars. However, together with these tremendous numbers the risk of environmental degradation this industry is causing is higher than ever. However, thanks to the activities of companies such as “VIATechnik”, it is possible to conserve natural resources for future generations to use.

Only twenty biggest cities are to build 26 millions of residential houses till 2025. Of course, it means destructive consequences for environment. Looking at data provided, today building industry of USA is responsible for 23% of air and 40 % of water pollution, 50 % of overall wastes, and according to American green building council, for 40 % of annual electricity consumption.

Therefore it is extremely important to find the ways to protect the environment for future generations, that is to achieve so called balance between demand and importance of building industry on one side, and protecting of natural resources on the other.

Hence, some of the ways to reduce the harmful impact of building industry are as follow:

  1. Using of BIM-technologies. First and foremost, these technologies help to reduce the extent of environmental degradation while construction process. Particularly, 4D BIM is the precondition for every element of building process is available for transparent monitoring and control, including deadlines for achieving the tasks, time of construction finishing in general, consistency and interdependence with other factors. Without any doubts, this helps to reveal and correct possible mistakes on time, which leads to reduction of possible wastes and saving the time.
  2. Using building materials of high quality. Every year American landfills are extended by 160 millions tones of wastes due to building activity. Mostly, they come as a result of destroying of old buildings. Of course, there is a possibility to reuse these materials that will not only lead to money saving, but also has a chance to reduce green gas emissions.
  3. Building outside industry zones. Developers aiming to protect the environment are looking for alternative approaches in building even today. One of these strategies is so called building sections outside the city. Very often the process of putting construction elements together is more time consuming than the process of their Consequently, resorting to this approach leads to less time spent on project.