A reliable time-proved partnership

   The second phase of construction of the plant “Bader Ukraine” in Kozhychi village Yavoriv region has already begun. A successful company with foreign capital once again chooses “Comfortbud Design Institute” for the project; service quality is confirmed by international certificates of Quality Management ISO 9001: 2008 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2004. Ten years of experience “IP Comfortbud” impeccable reputation and a full range of services – from design to commissioning and guarantee quality results and really comfortable cooperation.

   In addition, “Comfortbud Design Institute” specialists have extensive experience in the design and construction of both residential and industrial buildings. Understanding the specifics of such facilities, the company takes the full support of the project until the completion of construction work and takes into account the specifics of future business on the design phase. Careful planning and implementation of innovative solutions in industrial projects will improve the functionality of all processes, optimize energy consumption and create a more comfortable working environment for employees.


   There are many of employees on “Bader Ukraine” plants, the company in Horodok City employed 1,900 people and at the plant in the Kozhychi village work 1800 people. This complex project at the site of 4 hectares has become truly global – the first stage of the construction of the factory  of  sewing automobiles covers with area  11 thousand square meters included the establishment of production facilities, boilers, fire pump station with a collection of water, building protection. The second phase would expand the factory further than 9000 squares. The new plant “Bader Ukraine” is extremely important for the local government and the labor market, no wonder the President of Ukraine came to opening. This imposes additional responsibility to the design company – it is aware that built facilities must comply with European standards and quality criteria.

thumbnail“Specific of design of production plants and factories from a constructive point of view it is an optimal computational model.

That is the choice of such a move columns, spans of hardware, building height to allow all processes to create more space and mobility in the operation and, thus, that the consumption of materials for the construction was acceptable for the customer – the head of the constructors team, Serhii Bekerskyi. – And thanks to modern software systems such as Bocad-3d, and fruitful teamwork of architects, designers, engineers, planners, and builders at all stages of design we are able to create a truly successful projects with a high level of detail and taking into account even the smallest details. “


   Cooperation of “Bader Ukraine” and “Comfortbud Design Institute”  lasted for 8 years. During this time it was built almost 24 thousand square meters of production space in Horodok and Kozhychi. By increasing capacity, “Bader Ukraine” chooses for cooperation team of experts who can be trusted with complete control of the process.

thumbnail (1)“We are pleased that we were able to find reliable partners who professionally perform design work and accompany the customer to the completion of construction, – says Director of “Bader Ukraine”Andii Pavlun. – “Comfortbud Design Institute” embodied in the project the solutions that enable better communication between department’s plants, improve technical safety, and optimize production.

Four joint projects showed that experts’ “IP Comfortbud” clearly understand their tasks and have the experience and innovative approaches to implement them in practice.

Thus, if the production of “Bader Ukraine” will expand in the future, we will steadily follow the good tradition and again use the Comfortbud services.”

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    The second phase of construction of the plant “Bader Ukraine” in Kozhychi will be completed by the end of 2017. To more than five  hundred  realized  projects “IP Comfortbud” will add  another – functional, innovative, established the highest standards of quality and  taking into account all customer requirements. Project company continues to make difficult challenges and implement interesting tasks, building success along with European partners.