Our company will develop design documentation for a waste recycling complex in Lviv

The winner of the tender for the development of design documentation for the future garbage processing complex is recognized as the “Institute of Designing ComfortBud”, the proposal of which meets all the criteria of tender documentation.

The future waste recycling complex in Lviv will consist of two main parts. The first is a mechanical one, where organic and inorganic waste is separated into a future fraction. The second part of the complex will consist of biological treatment of waste, which will be located in a separate building. It is a question of composting the organic fraction of waste in special tunnels. All capacities in the complex will be located indoors under the covered roof.

After commissioning, the garbage processing plant will be able to process 65% of all waste that is produced in Lviv.

Vadim Nozdry, the director of the Green City, stressed that this tender is very important for the further development of the project. The preparation of tender documentation was guided, including by professional advice from the French company Egis, and project requirements that are funded by the EBRD. It was our company that demonstrated full compliance with the qualification requirements and provided the most competitive offer.

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