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ID Consult is our new direction

Friends! We continue actively develop and expand our business. ID Consult is our new direction, which successfully combines all the things we have been doing for many years and complements the quality services that can be interesting to anyone who deals with real estate. http://idconsult.com.ua/ https://www.facebook.com/ID-Consult-154893238539542/

The state of facilities construction in Lviv and the surrounding areas

The residential complex Z119 is being under active construction process on Zelena Street in Lviv. The monolithic reinforced concrete frame was fully mounted (pylons, columns, walls, stairs, overlap and coatings). Besides, the external brick walls from the first to the fifth living floor, internal and interroom partitions are being molded. Works on the arrangement of…

Industrial Development and Construction Forum

The event took place on 26 April in the Podil Theater and was organized by the Ure Club. The topical issues of industrial real estate of Ukraine were discussed. During the past three years, there have been opened 124 plants in the country. 68 of them were started only during 2017 year. The first section of the forum…

зборка купола
Silo construction in the Khmelnitsky region

Silo construction in the Khmelnitsky region The construction of a bulk storage of silage type sugar for the Starokostiantynivsukor plant in Starokonstantinov, Khmelnytsky region, is actively under way. The project was created by our specialists. Over the past six months, builders have done a lot of difficult work. Mounted silo walls and an operating tower,…

Had been announced the winners of the MIPIM Awards 2018

Had been announced the winners of the MIPIM Awards 2018 On the evening of March 15, in Cannes, a ceremony was held to award winners of the international real estate award MIPIM Awards 2018. Winners were named in 11 nominations, as well as a special jury prize winner. The best projects in the sphere of…