Norwegian miracle, or first energy efficient hotel in the world

Specialists in architecture claim that good architecture work is the one that is harmonically combined with other near-located objects and complete them. It is required that nicely constructed buildings have to be without time chains, but rather unique and original. The instance of these requirements implemented in reality is the project of Norwegian hotel «Svart».

The architectural studio Snøhetta together with companies Arctic Adventures of Norway and AsplanVaak have introduced the project of energy efficient hotel, which will produce more energy than it consumes. For this the location of the foot of the Almlifjelletmountain has been chosen.

The name of the hotel, that is easily remembered, took its name after the iceberg Svartisenglacier, near which the building is about to be constructed till 2021.

Having the shape of the round, and being located on the water, the hotel will give the exiting opportunity for its visitors to admire the beauty of the views. The building itself resembles traditional Norwegian fishing houses.

On the roof solar panels will be established to produce 85% of the energy. The facades are constructed in the way that they’ll protect the building from insulation in summer, while contribute to effective using of the solar energy throughout the year.

The materials to be used are wooden, again, with the aim to decrease the amount of the energy consumed. Heating system will be introduced by heap pumps, connected to the well of local geothermal origin.

The architects believe that due to round shape and numerous solar panels on the roof, optimal level of light will be provided during day and in different seasons of the year.