Office premises in «VictoriaGardens» — towards the success based on comfort!

Our construction company “Comfortbud Design Institute” has been working on the project to reconstruct non-residential premises into office ones on the third floor of the shopping mall «Victoria Gardens».

«Victoria Gardens» — is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Western Ukraine, in which, as its creators claim, spring is ruling throughout all the year. What is even more important, — is the convenient transport connection to the mall.

Our project decision for the reconstruction means not only effective adjustment of non-residential premises into administrative ones, but also its equipping with all needed engineer facilities.

Our purpose is to create modern office with high quality to provide the area for both work and rest. We believe, that this combination with be the prerequisite for motivation to work and, on the other hand, the obstacle for emotional exhaustion of its future workers.

With total area of 1500 square meters, the office with provide the work place for more than 150 people. With the purpose to extent the existing area and to create the most comfortable conditions for future workers and visitors, the floor was decided to be divided, the entresol was added. Entresol, by the way, is one the peak of its popularity. It helps to create more space, which means more opportunities for educational, entertainment and esthetic purposes.

The reception desk, vestibule, administration, technical zone, conference hall, three working spaces of 500 square meters, resting space and two terraces are to be created. Another lounge zone for workers to rest will be the roof of the building, where the terrace will be located. On the entresols the working space of about 250 square meters and kitchen are to be organized. To satisfy not only practical, but also esthetic aspires, many light and transparent facades, as well as lanterns will be placed in the whole office area.

Therefore, comfortable office premises will become the great alternative for conventional office centers.