Comfortbud’s vision of the modern Ukrainian architecture

We are struck by natural wonders, which are present all over Ukraine. But there are many miracles created by people in our country as well. Let’s list those that touched us to the depths of our hearts.

Sheptytsky Center


It is another architectural miracle. The center named after Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky in Lviv is a modern space for intellectuals of all ages and preferences. A world-class library and a training center are competently combined here. The ground floor contains the space of public creativity.
The idea of architects, flexibility and openness were successfully and completely implemented.

Patriarchal Cathedral


The main temple of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is located in Kiev, is an example of modern architectural thought. Huge (area – 1.72 hectares) very light and spacious temple strikes with its beauty and modesty at the same time. There is no traditional stucco molding and gilding, pompous columns and expensive icons. The simplicity of the lines, light shades and the play of light completely convey the authors’ intention: the church for the people.

NSC “Olympic”


The main sports arena of Ukraine, as well as one of the largest stadiums in Europe, NSC “Olympic” strikes in its architectural design. For Euro 2012 the stadium was renovated and received the category of “elite” one. Construction work was carried out using environmental technologies and the best specialists.
An important event will be the UEFA Champions League in 2018, which will be held at the stadium.

Ave Plaza in Kharkiv


Ave Plaza, like other stylish and grand new buildings, brings a piece of “tomorrow” to the Ukrainian “today”.
Bold decisions of designers and architects made themselves visible. But the building stands in the middle of the historical center. It is surrounded by the old buildings in the Baroque and Renaissance styles. The architects did their best to smooth out this drawback. Part of the building imitates an old stone masonry. This imitation smoothly transforms into the ancient stone houses standing nearby.

Domino in Kyiv


“Domino” public center is a vivid example of original architecture. This is not a glass skyscraper and not a gray concrete box. Parts of the walls of the structure seem to lean against each other. Externally the building reminds dominoes. It seems that the walls are about to collapse one after another. But this is only an illusion.

Cascade Plaza in Dnipro


CASCADE PLAZA is a multifunctional project of architect form Dnipro – Olexandr Dolnyk. The building is located in the heart of Dnipro city – on Yekaterinoslavsky Boulevard. The complex combines innovative construction technologies and the thoughtfulness of every detail. The main feature of the complex is a clear positioning aimed at customers who value their own comfort and social status. Convenient location, good modern interiors, a unique combination of opportunities for solving business problems and leisure time, introduced CASCADE PLAZA as a convenient place for business, shopping and recreation.

What’s wrong with modern Ukrainian architecture

According to foreign guests, in particular, the Mexican Fernando Romero, Ukraine lacks modern buildings. Many people want to see creative structures: museums, theaters, etc. In addition, it is impossible to see the difference between the old buildings and the new ones.
Our land is rich in monuments of national times, such as “Salute” hotel, the library after Vernadsky, located in Kyiv, the corps building of KNU in Holosiivsky district and others. Their condition can be called though domestic, but abandoned.

What do our architects lack? Firstly, they have to be those who think in terms of the future, not the past, who model this future and answer to the question “why?” They also need to have enough of resources, not only intellectual, but also material. The greatest limitations are grounded in the existing paradigm and mentality. The best modern architectural structures are not created by the will of one person. It is the result of cooperation of specialists from many spheres and a general understanding of the picture of the future.
And we believe that this will happen. There will be a new thought and modern architecture in our city and country. To do this, one must realize that it is important, that architecture is a language of communication with the world and we have something to say.