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interior quality should match the quality of modern life. In the projects we use advanced technology and use natural and environmentally friendly materials and professional understanding of ergonomics help us create a comfortable space.The success of the project is the attention to detail, as well as responsible attitude to your time and money.

Interior design of residential premises

Developing housing project interior, our experts will take into account the main conditions of home interior comfort – comfort and beauty. Following a given style, we harmoniously combine all the elements of the interior and to translate into reality the most daring modern ideas or remain true to the classical solution.
We offer development of interior design of apartments, penthouses, villas, multi-level apartments, reconstruction of non-residential space in a residential.

Interior design of public spaces
During the development of the interior of public buildings of the project, our specialists will offer you the options of modern solutions allowing for the use, security and functionality of technological facilities. Made on a high level of interior design – the card of any public building.
We will provide you with quality services to develop the interior design of shopping centers, sports and fitness and SPA-complexes, business centers, train stations, etc.

Interior design of restaurants and fast food

Recreation and entertainment is traditionally one of the few, the fastest growing, including in the context of interior design. Combining all the technological area of the restaurant or cafe, working closely with technologists and restaurateurs, we have been able to achieve original ideas in the style and interior design.
We offer the development of the interior design of restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, cafes and other establishments. We provide advice on technological processes.

Development of corporate style interior

Our team will create just such a style of interior, which will allow at a glance to link the entire premises, offices or departments of large companies. Having developed the original spatial-color design, we will help create the face of the brand and has the potential for evolution.