ReForum: Reconstruction from A to Z

   We have recently visited the conceptual event of the URE Club, which was held at Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv. ReForum raised the issues of reconstruction from the very beginning – from legal aspects to the details that arise in the process of project implementation.

   An interesting experience in relocating a catering facility near the Minska metro station was shared by Valeriy Payevsky – McDonald’s Ukraine Managing Director. Valeriy highlighted the complexity of the combination of modern architecture, energy-efficient solutions and usage of environmental materials while implementing the re-conception projects.1   Yulia Dvorakovska, partner of CBM Forum, shared with us information on the reconstruction of architectural monuments. After all, in the order book of “Comfortbud Design Institute” there are several interesting and complex projects for the reconstruction of architectural monuments, including the reconstruction of the NBU building on the Instytutska Street, 9. During her speech Yulia highlighted the issue of European experience on restoration of architectural monuments and its adaptation to Ukrainian realities on example of cultural heritage objects of Kyiv.2   Yevgenia Baglay, co-founder and managing partner of SQM Experts, revealed the secrets of a successful re-conception and told about the peculiarities of each stage of reconstruction of the Blockbuster Entertaining Center, to which we also have a relation, because we design one of the supermarkets there.3   But the Customer during project implementation is interested not only in the design and construction components. In the process of reconstruction many legal issues arise, that need to be solved. Vladyslav Kisil, partner of KPD Consulting law company, spoke about the details of the implementing such projects from a legal point of view. Vladyslav detached the legal forms of reconstruction and emphasized on the risks that may arise while providing re-conception.4

   The most interesting thing for us was to hear a case about a famous project in the very heart of Kiev – the House of Unions on the Independence Square after the events of 2014. Case was introduced by Artem Bilyk, Head of the Engineering Center of the Ukrainian Center for Steel Construction. The speaker revealed the peculiarities of steel structures usage.5   Summing up – the event was very useful in terms of exchange of experience. We learned about the implementation process of well-known projects in the real estate market of Kiev, met with like-minded people and equipped with the necessary knowledge for improvement of our work.6