From spaceship to evolutionary product of 21 century: Zaha Hadid ship

The entire world is impressed by her talent, her works are considered to be the best; even today she is the prototype and mentor for many architects and designers, the first and the only woman to get Pritzker Prize in 2004. All mentioned is about Zaha Hadid — British architect, representative of deconstructivist current in architecture. The National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome, BMW Central Building in Leipzig, Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Bridge pavilion in Saragossa and other unique projects greatly contributed to Zaha Hadid’ world recognition in the area of architecture.

The special project of the architect was created for German Shipbuilding Company «Blohm+Voss». By the way, why was it so special? Because it was her first experience of working directly with ships, which was successfully realized. The yacht of 128 meters height became the prototype of five next 90 meters long yachts. The name to identify them is Unique Circle Yachts.

Zaha’s ships sometimes remind us aliens shapes, since their proportions are distorted, the design is characterized by interlaced chain of arches, differing from each other only by their thickness. These supporting elements look like entangled by wires, but even in this appearance they demonstrate esthetic view on the outside part of the ship. Being inspired by the transparency of the ocean, Zaha Hadid has chosen snow-white interior for the ship.

Her ships are also characterized by traditional elements of horizontal construction, since exoskeleton only strengthens the chain with other decks and design elements. The front side of the ship smoothly proceeds to its back side, which is more open.

While projecting the ships, the architect has taken into account the hydrodynamics and especially, marine ecosystem protection.

With convenience purpose, decks of Unique Circle Yachts are equipped by rest zones with swimming-pool, Jacuzzi, bed-rooms, living-rooms etc., to provide people with comfort and coziness while spending time on these unique ships.