«The Vessel»: «stairs to nowhere»

This is a sixteen-storey conic structure that resembles a bee hive. Its area is 16 sq.m below and extends up to 46 sq.m. wide  and 50 sq.m. high.

«The Vessel»: «сходи в нікуди»

It is called Manhattans Answer to the Eiffel Tower. The extraordinary construction is 154 stairs and 80 stairways, from which visitors will be able to observe the city from different heights. Thus, it will be a kind of observation deck. In general, the building has 2500 steps. All staircases are identical, and this creates the effect of infinity.

Її називають Манхетенською відповіддю Ейфелевій вежі. Незвичність споруди — багато сходів: аж 154 та 80 сходових майданчиків, з яких відвідувачі з різної висоти зможуть спостерігати за містом. Тобто, це буде своєрідний оглядовий простір. Загалом, споруда має 2500 сходинок. Усі сходові простори ідентичні, і це створює ефект безкінечності.

Steven Ross, the owner of Hudson Yards, said that he wanted to create something strange, small and monumental. The project of this building was developed by the Heatherwick Studio. The architect was Thomas Hezerwick. The architect noted that, first of allб it is a piece of art, which may also be an observation deck. «The Vessel» is called «stairs to nowhere». The spiral staircases resemble the Esher style. Their continuous shapes create the three-dimensional effect.

Confetti is showered during celebrations for the opening of New Yorks newest neighborhood, Hudson Yards, March 15, 2019. - The program was followed by an inaugural walk up the urban landmark, temporarily known as the "Vessel" (seen at center). (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images
By the way, the definition of the name «The Vessel» is rather meaningful. This name is only temporary. Even during the construction it was noted that this was its working name, and after the opening the building would be renamed. The designers offered visitors to choose a name for «The Vessel» : the most creative and relevant one will become permanent. The cost of construction was $200 million. Around the «The Vessel» is a park with fountains. The Vessel can be accessed free every day from 10am to 9pm. The tickets must be booked in advance, since the building can accommodate up to 700 people.