The Hudson Yards mall : a place of luxurious shopping and entertainment

On March 15, the Hudson Yards mall was opened in New York. This is part of the elite project Hudson Yards. It is called the most anticipated opening of New York.

15 березня у Нью-Йорку відкрили торговий центр Hudson Yards. Це частина проекту елітного району «Hudson Yards». Його називають найочікуванішим відкриттям Нью-Йорка.

What is this new mall?

This is a seven-story construction with an area of over 100,000 sq.m. which was designed by Elkus Manfredi. There you will find hundreds of shops, cafes and restaurants, most of which are open in New York for the first time. As of today, 90% of the area is already leased. The shop Neiman Marcus covers the largest square of 18,000 sq.m. In addition, there are some interesting places where you will have a great time: Snark Park and 3DEN.

Snark Park is an entertainment space for children and adults. It resembles a museum where all exhibits can be touched. You have to pay $28 to get there.


3DEN is a relaxation area for $ 10 p.h. where you can sit in comfortable armchairs, drink coffee, do yoga, talk in the soundproof room and even take a shower. Actually, all conditions are offered  for rest after shopping.

a place of luxurious shopping and entertainment

The mall is one of the constructions of the Hudson Yards, a large-scale project of the elite Hudson Yards, which has already opened «The Shade», «The Vessel», 10 Hudson Yards, 15 Hudson Yards, 55 Hudson Yards, and is expected to open other exciting buildings.