The architect – innovator of space!

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Egypt’s new capital city

   We can talk about architecture for hours, about her greatness, modern technology, the objects taken separately, but we rarely remember the very creators – architects; And  today I would like to talk to them about their profession, be close to their little world and just welcome, because today is the day of excellent profession – Architect Day!

   It was interesting to us, what most architects think of architecture?


Daniel Libeskind is the author of the incredible statement that describes the architecture as a phenomenon:

“The basis of architecture – is not concrete and steel, and not the elements that make up the soil. Its basis – is a miracle!”.


We also asked the opinion of the Chief Architect of Lviv – Julian Chaplinska who described the architecture as accurately and succinctly: Architecture – is our interior!

   Architecture shapes  the city reflecting the epochs of their political system, ideology, philosophy, culture. This is incarnation of the modern rhythm of life, its mentality and attitudes.


 UNASUR Building, архітектор Diego Guayasamin

What is the architecture for our fellow architects:


… It is possible to change the environment around them, do.

Vitaly Kozlov, chief architect of “Comfortbud” Design Institute


… This is what creates the behavior and mood of people by means of environment.

Alexander Shutyuk, designer, urbanist, blogger


… This is an opportunity to express  creative energy through the form.

Olga Sidletska, lead architect of Malta


… Architecture can be a journey through space and time.

Krutsko Bogdan, creative architect of “Comfortbud” Design Institute

 It should be remembered that architecture is not only the arts, but also science and technology. Therefore, talking about space, without which it is impossible to imagine a conversation about architecture, should lead in two directions. Accordingly, we asked about the architecture  the human whose mind deals in construction –


… Architecture – is the environment in which we live.

Andriy Vishnevsky, director  of “Comfortbud” Design Institute

   Architecture – is a soul,  symbiosis between emotion and logic, combination of advanced technology and aesthetics, is a complex work of people from different fields, which is embodied in the small organization of the space.


Urban Mediaspace, бюро: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

  The te “Comfortbud” Design Institute team congratulates all architects with their professional holiday and wish an endless stream of inspiration and energy for new endeavors and implement the best ideas!

Together we create world!