One Day of Architect’s Life

   The role of the architect in the company of versatile and extremely dynamic, it involves a combination of mathematical and creative thinking. Today we will take a look behind the scenes of the everyday life of our company and learn how the architect Alexander Garashchenko spends one of his work days. Alexander is a very interesting man who loves his work and happy to tell us about his day.
Well, let’s go! Says Alexander:
I wake up at 6.30 in the morning, drink two glasses of water and walk to the gym.
The day I like to start from the sport – it gives me courage and adjusts to active. After training in the hall I drink fresh and go to my 9th hour work.


   Arriving at the office, I brew a coffee or take it from the coffee shop. At the beginning of the day I have the opportunity to reflect and enjoy the peace, or, conversely, to share interesting news with colleagues. Then I check my mail, reply to them, surf the to-do list for the day and week and proceed to active work.


    Each project requires special attention and discussion. Therefore, an essential part of every day work in our company is communication with colleagues who want to discuss the details and plans for the current day. These discussions are very effective; they inspire me to communicate with people with whom I work.


   Our office is always full of action and productive dialogue, during which there is a mutual exchange of knowledge, ideas and creative energy. Who makes a way of life and is able to get pleasure from it – he is a true master of his craft.
After discussing all the nuances I start working on the project and preparing for a meeting with the customer. Selection of materials for an upcoming project is one of my favorite parts of the process. When working on each project I try to follow the principle: “Think different.” I like to find new innovative solutions and a new angle to look at familiar things. Therefore, none of my day is complete without finding inspiration.


    The inspiration I get from regular visits of exhibitions, studying Ukrainian and foreign experience, reading professional literature. I like to take part in competitions for architects and designers – it helps to develop and keep up with the times, and sometimes ahead of him.
I believe that nowadays success is not possible without productive work, continuous self-improvement and, of course, luck.


   Closer to lunch it’s time to hold joint creative «brainstorming» and discuss with the team of designers pressing issues, check drawings, collages and sketches. At the meeting I teach and argue their views on a particular project. We are THE unitary team with colleagues, so during the discussion we are always trying to find common solutions. I believe that method of brainstorming is extremely efficient because I have to take into account the views and take some optimal.


   Immediately after the meeting I walk into a conference room to meet with the customer. I just remember the old English joke: “The project would be great, if not the customer!”
But this is just a joke. A true professional is focused on his customer, respecting his taste, and only sends the client in the right direction.
Often, clients who come to us already know what they want, and we, in turn, based on our experience and knowledge help to translate their dreams into reality. In the event that we can not achieve certainty – my task as a professional is to help the customer define their wishes, or reach a compromise.
What concerns my work I support laconic style, I do not like to overload the space with unnecessary items. By the way, did you know that in the United States architect is the third most important profession after a doctor and a lawyer? =)


    I always try to make a break for lunch and eat properly, but today the dinner somewhat delayed. It is time to go to the object so I will intercept something on the way.
We get to the facility for the purpose of supervision – a very delicate moment. Here I try not to miss a single detail and personally supervise the quality of work performed, to follow all consistent with the initial plan. Of course, without the drawbacks are not complete; sometimes it takes me a lot of time and effort. But the task of giving the superintendent, I can in good conscience go back to the office, where he will continue his work.


In the office are getting in the evening and I have the opportunity to work in a calm atmosphere, without fuss. Many have already sold, there were only designers and architects. Usually my working day ends after all – around 21:00. I can say that the work in the evening to my liking – a time of summing up.



   Well, that’s a typical day of our architect, we hope you had fun. Visit us and you will see firsthand how our experts work in any field!