Interior with a taste of antiques

Please be aware that buying antiques can kill two birds with one stone:
create an aristocratic interior and at the same time to invest money.

     Perhaps you do not just have to be in the house of a man who collects antiques, whose age has a few centuries. What had impressed you about the interior of the housing? Perhaps you feel a note of harmony and majesty special atmosphere – and this is not surprising. The things that got us to the past, is a small island in the ocean of history of modern life.
Antiques has the energy of wisdom, gives the impression of grandeur and aristocracy. Virtually every old thing, except those that have been created near the middle of the last century, is hand made. Master put his soul in his created objects, their collections were not numerous, in turn, has a special value creation.
The French have a wonderful antique joke: “If I forget this dresser in stock for ten years – I’d be the richest man now.” Market prices are rising rapidly, more and more people are beginning to understand the value of antiques, collecting engage, and – to use these things in their interiors.
Repeatedly noted designers, perfectly smooth and polished furniture – boring and vice versa: the old things with traces of use over the long term as endowed with soul. That is why many of them choose exactly those inspired furniture as a dominant interior for their projects.

   The interior is extremely important to be able to correctly combine vintage and antique items. To one room coexisted in harmony not only things of different style, but different epochs organization requires fine artistic taste and a great experience. French architect and designer Jean-Louis Denis likes to say its clients the following: “The sofa’s 1960-70 will make the interior more expressive and individual than the furniture of modern design. If your interior consists of serial production of new parts, then it will never be the depth. ”
First and most importantly, what you must remember when dealing with antiques – a game of contrasts. And the contrasts are brighter; the better is an old subject. Old cracked wood surface should be placed in the vicinity of the new pure mirror, chrome-plated elements, a velvet or natural linen. Look for antiques most honorable place – in the center of the room or to be visible from the entrance.
In order to achieve the integrity of the interior image, do not neglect important details such as textiles, the overall color of the floor, chandeliers, door handles. The interior of antiques should be harmonious, because all its parts must complement each other.
And using antiques famous designers in their projects:

Marie Olsson Nylander3

marie olsson nylander home

marie olsson nylander home1

marie olsson nylander home2

Project of the building made by designers Ben and Marie Nyulander Olsson, Sweden





Castle in Umbria, decorator Martin Lawrence-Bullard





Apartments Federica Bottoli, Italy

    When making any interior antiques is always worth remembering that this antiquity – it is worth. Serve it must accordingly majestically giving him the best and most prominent places which are in the interior.

 Maria Vozvyshayeva
Head of Business Development, Architect