Towards a new aspect of Ukraine: renovation of multistory lodging

Today we talk a lot about the development and appearance of modern architecture and completely forget how to be with the existing buildings of the Soviet era. In this article we offer to retreat from the high-sounding speeches and discuss the urgent topic that excites every citizen – the issue of “diversity” of facades and acquaintance with foreign experience..


Typical multistory, Kyiv, Ukraine

Each of you, walking down the street could see arbitrary glazing facades, installing air conditioners or variegated insulation of external walls. What people think about all this? We asked our friends from different demesne:

“I wonder what the owners of the Luxury apartment in the old fund think, when taken to change the window frames? Why a few of them drew attention to the initial configuration and window glazing, all these glazed horizontal and vertical planes have been deliberately invented by architect and is essentially equal piece of decoration, which also need to be protected? How they can insert vulgar standard glass instead of the old frame with special glazing! So there are buildings with so called disabled  facades mutilated with various windows with white frames. Perhaps it is not a big evil, but small mischief – for sure. I think it is possible to chanche only at the legislative level, by providing to the system a harsh penalties. The streets, facades, trees, boulevards, public gardens and parks – is the property of the city. This is his face”.   – Olga Romanenko,CEO “EKOPAN”

“Everything comes down to the one, the view of  building legislation, design standards, building codes (DBN) and observance of laws and regulations. The answer is very simple, follow the law.” – Hryhoriy Plachkov,Deputy Director for investment and future development “Energoatom”

“Unsystematic and disorganized processes are making a mess in the space of the city and, consequently, in the minds of citizens, which affects the lives of all -” Being determines consciousness. ” Solutions should be developed at the national level with all stakeholders in these processes. With a high level of responsibility on all sides.” – Oleg Migda,The chief architect of the project in ” Comfortbud Design Institute”

“There should be clear rules in all the historic district  – you can / can not. And most importantly, that this could change depending on the amount money of proposed to  the architect.There is a wonderful world practice – if the building is historicaly valued  you can not destroy it, change, or “decorate”, etc. Only restore. If you brake the rules – pay a fine. For example, thanks to the preservation of culture, architecture beautiful city of Miami was preserved and today this style is the hallmark and attracts millions of tourists.In Kiev, is the opposite. People with low culture, bad taste and ignorance of history nor the city nor the country all “improve and enhance” it. It is time to stop and save at least what is left.” – Marina Golub, Managing Partner, “Golub & Shynkarenko

“In my opinion chaotic arrangement of blocks conditioners do not fit into the architectural appearance of European capital, because different manufacturers of blocks have different dimensions. If on the design phase all the developers provided channels for external blocks air climate systems, decorative brackets, power blocks external climate systems, special niches provided for construction. – “Victor Vasil’chenko, Deputy Director of construction company “Ukrmontazh”

    Experts of Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine estimated that the rehabilitation of residential high-rise will reduce heat loss by 41%. Thus able to save 150 to 600 billion. UAH., Budget

How it works in Europe?

   After 1991,  Germany raised the issue of modernization of bearing-wall buildings. For example, in East Germany about 2.1 million., of bearing-wall building, 60% of which were sanated completely, and 25% – partially . The result today is obvious.


Renovation of hostel, Dresden, Germany

“Energy efficiency housing recently acquired special significance for the people of our country, particularly after the tariff increase. Today, 80% of houses in Ukraine has a need in insulation, the complex one rather than a point. I think that this can serve as an excellent impetus for the start of the program of renovation of residential buildings of the Soviet era. A good example is a project – BEEN (Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock), which brings together countries of the Baltic region. The aim of BEEN – adjustment of obsolete buildings to modern living conditions, namely energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, improve the appearance of the building, reducing the cost of premature maintenance work, increasing the cost of housing.”- Vozvyshaeva Mary, Director of Business Development, the “Comfortbud” Design Institute

According to the State Committee for Energy Conservation, Ukraine annually consumes 210 million., tons of energy resources. Ukraine is among the countries operating at a loss of energy – its energy needs, it covers only 53%, importing 75% of the required amount of natural gas and 85% oil.


Renovation of the residential complex, Berlin, Germany



Renovation of a five-storey residential building in Vilnius, Lithuania

   The unsatisfactory state of the facades of old houses in Ukrainian cities – is depressing phenomenon. After all, they convey the special atmosphere of the city, a favorite of millions of tourists and residents. We hope  in the near future our aspirations will came true and our cities will gain the format they deserve!