Project proposal of multifunctional public building “Technopark” with multilevel parking

  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Lviv Region
  • Purpose: Office and Public Buildings

The idea of ​​a new building of Technopark is based on the following guidelines:

Creating a business environment of a good quality along the Fedkovycha Street.

To create an interesting perspective of business street, the facade of the new building is located parallel to the facade of existing building №1. Pedestrian and biking area of the street turns into a green square. Green Zone will serve as a park for recreation, for a greater sense of comfort and security, the entire area is raised above the level of the existing passages to the sidewalk. Outside – are a large number of street furniture.

Convenient logistics communication within the building.

To simplify communication links within a building, it is planned to clear division of functions and public parking.

Parking has a separate entry and exit to the underground and aboveground parts.

Evacuation of people from the parking place will be on two open stairwells.

Event Hall, lobby bar, conference room with a lounge and terrace located on the top floor, they are placed so that they can operate independently of each other, or both together.

Create a unique image of the projected building.

The architecture of the new building is rational and minimalist. Emphasis is achieved by rhythm and articulation, and through sheer contrast between them and the large glass planes. It is easy to read transparent and opaque parts. All lines are clear and concise, which in turn emphasizes the business style of the building.

Step of the columns allows you to perform both monolithic and collective floors, on a metal bolt.

Technical and economic indices

Built-up area  – 2570 sq.m.

Total area  – 12,000 sq. m.

Parking area  – 6950 sq.m.

Area of ​​leased space – sq.m 2580

The area of ​​commercial applications – 405 sq.m.

Office space – sq.m 2175

Event hall – 435 sq.m.

Conference hall – 235 sq.m.

Conference hall – 165 sq.m.

Lounge bar – 190 sq. m.

Terrace – 360 sq.m.

Number of floors – 5 floors

Number of parking places in the multi-level parking – 259 pcs.

The project was made by:

Vitaliy Kozlov

Bogdan Krutsko

Nazar Babiak

Yuriy Savitskiy