The process of building a hotel complex in the village Aleksandrivka of Novograd Volynskiy district of Zhytomyr region

   Reconstruction with the completion of the complex of the existing mill buildings (building diesel plants, composition, old mill, mill buildings) into the hotel complex with autonomous boiler house on the Volia street, 30 in the village Aleksandrivka Novograd Volynskiy district of Zhytomyr regionis  actively promoted. The reconstruction project is established by our company.


   Building №1 (hotel with a conference room and pool), foundations is made, columns and concrete walls, brick walls are laid of the first floor. Partially are completed monolithic ceiling. Preparations for reinforcing and concreting these slabs on the first floor are underway.

Building №2 (restaurant with a VIP apartment): foundation is made, walls (concrete and brick) ceiling. Part of the roof is already made. Work on the device structures roof over VIP suites is underway.

Building №3 (wine tavern), made all the supporting structures. Preparatory work of covering the roof shingles is underway.

We present you the photo report of construction: