Headquarters of the best known companies in the world

“The office center is the ark, in which floats a business.
Good managers realize that succeed,
if they maintain the structure of the company “

NBBJ slogan

   Over the past decade the construction of large-scale objects is developing rapidly. Office centers play an important role in shaping the infrastructure of each city and to some extent is his face. But form of office building is not important only for the city. Design solutions play an important role in the performance of employees and shaping its image.

Today in Ukraine are not so many examples of the working environment that would be able to inspire, to optimize the work of staff and reflect the ideology of the company. Fortunately, in today’s world there are many worthy counterparts to follow.

Among the architectural firms on whose experience should be equal to be noted US company NBBJ.
NBBJ create first-class of environment for companies with a worldwide reputation, it is one of 12 the most successful architectural firms and has a monopoly in its field. NBBJ main difference is the use of “computational design” using modern technology to increase the efficiency of the company and its employees.

Meet the most interesting projects, features and principles of the most famous companies in the world offices:

Principle: Creating the community











   In two years we will see the new headquarters of Samsung, worth 300 mln. $. They operate around 2,000 people. The main objective in the creation of the project was to stimulate employees to an active lifestyle. Therefore, the main 10-storey building is divided into 3 parts, which are green recreation areas for general use.

Business Center – the most energy-efficient, will be located on the roof of solar panels on the facades of applied solutions that significantly reduce solar heat getting into the room, reducing the cost of air conditioning. 

Principle: Work on a large scale, live locally



   The new office will be at the center of Amazon in Seattle as early as 2017. This is another good example of high-tech approach to the object NBBJ design. The project is a 3 spherical dome height of about 30 meters and three 38-storey office tower.

   The three-story building, greenhouse «Biodome», covered with glass domes will include trees and shrubs from all over the world. And with glass facade towers and domes employees can contemplate nature not only walking but also during operation. According to the biofil hypothesis this approach has at times reduce stress in employees and significantly increase productivity.

 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Principle: Local source, global mission











   The main objective of the project was to demonstrate the Foundation’s mission by using architectural solutions. This idea is read everywhere: from planning to light the entire area. The building emphasizes openness and hospitality organizations.

More than 20% of the building was constructed with recycled materials. 4.5 mln. Liters of filtered rainwater in underground and reused for the sustenance of the complex. Many solar panels, energy efficient facades – all this creates a complex that is the epitome of caring for the environment. It is a unique platform for the exchange of ideas. He represents hope and inspiration to meet experts in many fields from various countries.

Principle: However, despite rapid growth






   Tencent – the third largest company, which is considered the most innovative in China. By 2016, the project will be realized its headquarters in Shenzhen.

Architecture tower height of 250 meters reflects growing international influence of its friendly atmosphere and the relationship of innovation. The combination of offices as greenhouses between two high-rise buildings will help employees crossing the streams, thereby improving corporate bonds.