Energy saving and energy efficiency in agro-industrial sector

   The use of energy saving technologies in industry and the agricultural sector is now more relevant than ever.

   Modern companies that are developing now and are interested in streamlining of their costs, have seen from experience that with regard to design energy-saving technologies, opens a number of advantages.

   The use of these technologies is determined, above all, economic advantage. But the introduction of energy efficient technologies can not only reduce the cost of energy consumption, but also, consequently, reduce the price of their products.

   Andriy Vyshnevskyi, Director of “Comfortbud” Design Institute:

   «Selecting the project company you should think about using energy-saving technologies. It is important to understand that literacy of designers depends on the effectiveness of proposed solutions.

    After implementation of the project into life all these measures on energy efficiency will bring the company significant savings, which will later be displayed on company profits and competitiveness. Our company designs industrial and agricultural facilities including saving technologies and we are proud that our customers are leaders in the markets»


Factory of production automobiles cover «Bader» in  Kozhychi, Yavoriv district, Lviv region


The warehouse of bulk sugar storage of silo type

   Abroad, the practice of energy efficient technologies in industries showed that reducing energy costs by 3-4 times – a common occurrence. Of course, in our country we have opportunity to achieve similar performance, of course, you need to approach intelligently to the design of industrial, storage, logistics, agricultural systems and identify the best technologies that will make the most economical use of energy. There are large number of ways to energy efficiency in industry and this question can be done only by professionals with years of experience.

Jaroslav Chemerynskyi, director of “Denova”:

“Today, we propose to use in the industrial and agricultural sector following alternative:

  • recuperation heat / cold from current production processes;
  • boiler with wood;
  • biogas plants;
  • small hydropower plants;
  • wind farm;
  • solar power.

    Energy efficiency is achieved by optimizing production processes, replacement or improvement of existing technologies, replacement of energy sources, thermo, recovery, accumulation, night work, etc.

   Usually we recommend our customers to conduct energy audits to determine the level of energy use in the company and to select the most optimal technology. Energy made either internal or third-party service organizations with special equipment, calculations and analysis. Study the use of existing resources, problem areas in the consumption of resources preparing proposals to improve energy efficiency and ways of energy saving measures. After the energy audit is conducted detailed analysis of the proposed solutions is made. The next step we calculate the reins feasibility studies, selection of equipment and its installation. “



   Of course, the choice is up to you – where and how to invest. But summing up, we note that companies consume 80% of energy produced in the country. Efficiency for equipment using gas is 10-30%, for equipment that runs on electricity – 30-50%, and energy carriers becoming more expensive by the day.

The choice is yours!