TOP-5 significant events in the world of architecture

    Beginning of the year – this is the best time to plan upcoming events, and current 2016 year promises to be full of interesting activities. Today we offer you a review of 5 major events in the world of architecture, which will take place around the world.

… London, Rotterdam, and Lisbon – you can only buy a ticket! Let’s fly?


   MIPIM 2016 exhibition will be held on March 15-18. The biggest international event in the world, that brings together all key players from different spheres of the housing market. In the process of dialogue developers and representatives of financial institutions, hotel chains, construction companies and architectural find new ideas, interesting communication, conclude lucrative contracts.

In addition to national expositions and exhibition stands, MIPIM is rich with program of accompanying events, including conferences with internationally renowned speakers, themed breakfasts and lunches, cocktail parties.

Details of the exhibition is available here.


1  From 26 January to 20 April in the framework of the Royal Academy of Arts in London will be held an exhibition «Mavericks: Breaking the Mould of British Architecture». Members will answer many interesting questions that will fully disclose the topic: What does the maverick architect? How does the sense of individualism in architecture throughout the history? What it means to be an individualist architect in the modern world of parametric design and information modeling of buildings?

Announcements link.

From 8 to 10 March in London the most important event in the world of environmentally intelligent design and construction environment – EcoBuild will be held. The organizers promise to present thousands of innovative products: insulation, building structures, ventilation systems with heat recovery, windows, low-emission glass, heat pumps, green roofs, lighting, plumbing and more. Visit EcoBuild if you are interested in the latest trends in the industry. Details of the link.






From 22 April to 10 July architectural centre moved to Rotterdam for the exhibition IABR-2016, whose motto is “The economy of the future.” The name speaks for itself, the participants stand most important task – to seek a cost-efficient urban development.

All projects should embody the idea of clean and efficient city where public space plays a major role. Go to the website and find out more details .






At the end of May in Venice starts the main architectural Biennale of the planet, which will take place from May 28 to November 27 under the title «Reporting from the front». According to the president of Biennale Paolo Baratta, a distinctive feature of our time is the discrepancy between architecture and the needs of civil society. On the one hand, the architects erected impressive buildings that reflect the power and ambition of customers. On the other hand, society treats them with indifference, dodging discussing architecture. Baratta called this position “paralyzing conformism”, in his opinion, “architecture – is an art in which private claims, the desire and need intersect with social needs and aspirations.” Details of the link.

Well, we hope the year 2016 will be full of interesting events, new victories and exciting projec