ComfortBud Design Institute is open to the young people and is willingly accept the young professionals into a team



Find a job right after graduation — is not easy. Usually, employers invite experienced professionals. But the Comfortbud Design Institute has no such bias – it appreciates young professionals and gives them the chance to gain new knowledge in practice, taking advantage of the experience from the best specialists. Therefore, they are invited to a large, friendly team of young people who gain the opportunity to acquire new skills, to get acquainted with innovations in designing and to study the latest, necessary for the work programs. Today, the company that is the leader in the market of design services employs more than 70% of young professionals who not only acquire new knowledge, but also bring a new vision and non-standard ideas to the team.


To continue to replenish its team with young specialists, Comfortbud initiated an internship program for those studying in Lviv Polytechnic and several students have already taken advantage of this offer. Now they have an excellent opportunity to work with real objects and master modern design technologies, including BIM-technologies. The company provides new employees with the opportunity to sink teeth into the work, and more experienced colleagues are happy to share their knowledge with newcomers. Such an exchange of experience is mutually beneficial: trainees quickly acquire the necessary skills and, at the same time, share their vision of various projects.

Among them is Maksym, who is undergoing internship in a creative group, specializing in architecture. The Comfortbud Company’s initiative was of interest to him at once – so not to waste time, he took the opportunity, sent a resume and a portfolio and became part of a large team of almost 100 professionals.

img_003«The group, in which I go to the internship, now works with the planning scheme of the site and the solution of improvement on it, the search and analysis of world examples of solving such a problem, modeling objects, searching for ideas by the method of sketching. I am very interested in gaining practical knowledge in this area. Also, the Department of Architecture of the Institute creates a project for a competition in Poland, and I also have the opportunity to see how this kind of work is going on in practice. — Maxim tells about his internship. And adds that cooperation with colleagues is easy: «The team is magnificent, professional and energetic. If there are any common thoughts, then, of course, take into account my opinion».

It’s easy to find a common language — after all, many young people are working in the Comfortbud. They are attracted by the prospects that open up in the company: here everyone can take the initiative, realize their skills and talents and build a successful career. As a progressive company that is moving in the course of time, Comfortbud always listens to the young and therefore receives from them the maximum dedication. Thus, internship practice allows students to expand their vision and create creative, bright objects.

img_004«We are actively developing and striving to engage young active people whom we are looking for among the students. We see in them huge potential and a source of interesting ideas,  — says the owner and director of the Comfortbud Design Institute Andrii Vyshnevskyi, — Therefore, the mutual benefit of such cooperation is obvious: we enable the trainees to show themselves in the implementation of interesting objects, but instead we have the opportunity in the long run Get the specialist we need».

The creative atmosphere, ambitious projects, enormous experience and innovative solutions create a wonderful environment for improving one’s knowledge and skills, and stability and dynamic development of Comfortvud get enable young people to achieve their goals and confidently look to the future.